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Coloured maintenance-free aluminum windows and slider terrace doors.

All suites have their own private gallery or terrace balcony with concrete slab surface featuring industrial design inspired wrought iron styles railings as per plan on typical floors. All ground floor suites feature outdoor oversized terrace c/w industrial design inspired wrought iron style railings plus planters as per plan.

Each gallery or terrace will include a gas hose bib for connection to a gas BBQ.

Exterior Wall and Party Wall Assembly

Exterior walls to be a combination of brick and stone veneer with 1.5" airspace, waterproof membrane 2" polystyrene insulation, 8" concrete, 2" polystyrene insulation, metal furring, 5/8" gypsum board and brick veneer. Minimum R-20.

Roof is to be inverted type roof with 2-ply modbit protected membrane with 6" rigid polystyrene insulation ballasted to suit.

The party wall is a double stud partition assembly with 2.5" metal studs with 2 layers of staggered gypsum board on each side, with 1" air space between walls for a total wall thickness of approximately 9" with a Sound Transmission Coefficient Value of
approximately 64.

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